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Solutions to some of parenting’s most challenging moments.

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Murphy’s Law For Parents of Three-Year-Olds

I am going to take my parenting “expert” hat off and put my mom of a three-year-old hat on. I’ve been feeling under the […]

How to Use the Helpful “Everyone with…” Parenting Tool

Children, particularly toddlers, are more able to follow our instructions when we word them in a way they can easily interpret. In addition to […]

Tips For Teaching Your Toddler To Talk

You, your partner, and other primary child-givers are going to be teaching your children how to talk. Here are some tips to promote clearer […]

About Andrea Nair, M.A., CCC

Andrea Nair is a psychotherapist, parenting educator and international media parenting expert based in London, Ontario, Canada. She is also the co-owner of a medical clinic called The Core Family Health Centre with her physician husband. Her therapy background helps the parents Andrea works with worldwide to understand at a deeper level what to do when kids drift away, behaviour goes wild, buttons are pushed and old negative self-talk gets too loud.

Andrea is the parenting blogger for Erica Ehm’s and a contributor to Huffington Post Parents. You can find her articles and expert comments in magazines like Today’s Parent Magazine, Chatelaine, Canadian Family Magazine, Walmart Live Better Magazine, and online at Today Parents/ NBC, among others. She regularly appears on National TV to discuss parenting topics at the forefront of people’s minds.

Her goal is to let parents know they are not alone in their struggles and to provide practical help that makes big positive changes. Parenting can be very hard—and Andrea wants to help.


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