Introducing Author Andrea Nair

In search of a publisher, Andrea Nair has completed the first in a trilogy of three fictional novels, called stripped down running. This first installment is available now as an e-book and starts out introducing Hannah, whose story is told in dramatic narrative form.

Passionate about her career, Andrea is equally passionate about health, wellness and fitness, and she continues to enjoy many outdoor pursuits including hiking, cycling, camping, skiing, and running. She has worked with elite athletes to overcome their own psychological barriers and reach their full potential physically through sport – so she very consciously cast her novel’s heroine as a runner – not an elite one, but still a person in a very serious race in her life.

Andrea’s first fictional novel is a tale of awakening, as the young heroine struggles to figure out her place in the world, and why her life seems to be mired in such difficulty and hopelessness. The narrative moves along at breakneck speed, as Hannah tries to outrun her past, but she finds that no amount of distance covered can seem to let her escape what she ultimately must face.

The story of Hannah is one of fiction, but it is based in reality. Hannah’s life story, being told throughout the trilogy, is a composite of many real stories that Andrea has encountered in her counseling practice. All personal elements have been changed of course, but the struggles of this young woman convey very real lessons to the reader about how disconnection can lead to heartbreak – but how reintegration is still be possible – for those willing to try.

As a parenting coach, Andrea has published an e-book entitled Connect with your Heart, Connect with your Child. This practical guide is presented as a clear and quick read, perfect for new parents who are already challenged for time. It is packed with advice and tips for bonding with one’s child and transitioning from life as a single person or as a couple to life with baby.

Andrea is enjoying the development of the second installment in Hannah’s trilogy and she plans to publish more articles and books on parenting. It is her ultimate goal to share how important good communication is if we want to maintain healthy interpersonal relationships with our loved ones and our children. And of course, she can’t wait to see Hannah’s story made into a full-length film – since it is perfectly suited for it!

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