Taming Tantrums: A Connect Four Approach To Raising Cooperative Toddlers is the answer to the often heard plea from exhausted parents, “How do you get toddlers to LISTEN?! I’ve tried everything and nothing is working!”

This eBook answers questions parents of toddlers have like:

  • How can I manage my child’s big meltdowns?
  • What do I do when my toddler hits me?
  • What can I do to get my little one out the door on time?
  • Why isn’t my child listening to me?
  • How do I make bedtime not so crazy?
  • Why do I get SO MAD around my toddler?
  • How can I make life with a toddler not feel so challenging?!?
  • What it the best way to handle a toddler who isn’t cooperating?
  • …and many more…

After years of struggling with my own toddlers and working with countless numbers of families, this is the information I sincerely believe all parents should have. I really wish I knew this stuff when my babies were born!

To make this information very easy for parents to use, Taming Tantrums has been created in a PDF format so you can print pages you’d like to keep, click on the many links to more information, and have it easily accessible on your computer, tablet, eReader or mobile device. It’s also fully transferable to most ereaders and tablets.

Please download a free copy of the introduction to see the Book’s Table of Contents and read more about the information provided.

After purchase, please check your email for a copy of your receipt and your link to download Taming Tantrums: A Connect Four Approach To Raising Cooperative Toddlers! Please look for the link on the left hand side beside “Download.”